What if?

What if the entire process of college admissions didn’t feel like an 24-month-long, competition-fueled panic attack?

It’s easy to understand why you—as a college-bound student or a parent of one—might be freaking out right now:

  • Admissions to the most famous colleges grow ever-more competitive, and even moderately selective schools are becoming more difficult to enter, thanks to increasing numbers of applicants.
  • The costs of college are skyrocketing.  Some families expect to pay a quarter million dollars per student for an undergraduate education.
  • Despite rising costs, graduation rates remain shockingly low at many institutions.
  • Financial aid rules always seem to be changing.  (And what’s all this stuff in the media about a student loan crisis?)
  • People keep talking about how technology is going to “disrupt” higher education, but no one can explain what exactly that means for you or your student.

What if you had an insider—a tenure-line professor savvy in the dark arts of higher education—to help you navigate college admissions?

What if this insider was not only exceptionally well-informed, but also warm, perceptive, and insightful?

And what if her assistance cost a fraction of the amount you’re about to invest in college?

Maybe you’d want to drop her a line? [Pssst. Her e-mail address is Leslie -at- InsiderCollegeConsulting -dot- com]

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