Should you apply to more than 40 colleges?

Samantha Linder did–she applied to 43 colleges–and she says she’d do it again.

I can understand why Linder made all those applications. She was understandably anxious about paying for college and worried about being accepted to a quality school.

. . .which is pretty much the case for any student applying to college. ┬áReally, there’s no need to adopt Linder’s approach.

With solid research into colleges, however, the college application process doesn’t have to be crazy-making, and it certainly doesn’t need to encompass 43 applications.

How many applications do I recommend? It depends on how high you’re aiming, and how much of a “reach” each school might be for you. ┬áIf you do your research well, five to eight colleges should be sufficient.

Yes, you might be able to find 43 colleges where you’ll be reasonably happy, and a subset of those may offer you financial assistance if you’re eligible for need-based or merit aid. But a good adviser will help you narrow your choices to a half dozen or so that will be an excellent fit for you academically and, with a bit of planning and luck, financially.

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