What if you choose the wrong college?

It’s simple. You transfer to another one.

If you’re moving from one accredited institution to another, there’s a very, very good chance your credits will transfer from your first college to your second one.

Yes, transferring is an inconvenience, both in terms of logistics and building new social circles. But in the long run, it’s worth it if you feel you aren’t at the right college for you.  (I transferred three times as an undergraduate, attending three schools in three states in three semesters. By the time I landed at the third college, I knew what made a college a great fit for me, and I’m so grateful to my younger self for making the decision to switch schools.)

Often the biggest challenge in transferring is admitting to yourself, to your family, and to your friends that you made the wrong choice the first time.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you’ve changed your mind. Remember–your college journey is about you, not them.

Of course, the best route is to do your research well enough that you pick the right college for you the first time.  (I can help.)